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Tyson Reil Amongst Coterie’s Top 5 Agents

Coterie Insurance Agency of Cincinnati, Ohio recently ranked Tyson Reil, Chief Marketing Officer and President of Insurance at Epic Trust among its top 5 agents for 2022.

Tyson cheered the distinction as confirmation of Epic Trust’s high standard of service and expertise in the field of insurance.

“It’s unique to us because our insurance division is a newer division,” he said. “We’re almost four years old with, really, just a handful of staff. Coterie’s top 5 is based on volume, which is what makes it remarkable.”

Epic Trust has been partnered with Coterie for just a year and a half.

Business insurance customers will be familiar with Epic Trust’s partnership with Coterie if they’ve ever taken advantage of the Instant Online Quote feature at

Though billed as an insurance agency, Tyson described Coterie as more of an insurance technology.

“Coterie partners with A-rated financially strong insurance companies and they use proprietary technology to aggregate information to expedite the underwriting process,” he explained.

On the customer’s end, this looks like entering a few non-sensitive data points on a simple user-friendly webform which generates a fully binding, fully underwritten quote within just a few minutes.

Those just curious or shopping around can likewise see a quote without officially applying or even providing any contact information.

“Compare that to a traditional agent-company relationship where the agent would have to do a lot of the investigative work upfront–extensive research on the company’s financials, building specifics, fire code rating, claims history, et cetera–in other words, making that manual investigative underwriting process,” Tyson said, adding, “The agent still ultimately takes it to the underwriter, so this doesn’t cut out the underwriting process, it just leverages technology to enhance the agent’s abilities.”

This streamlined experience is in line with the new custom agency management system that Epic Trust built and launched this past year, with more features coming in the early part of 2023.
Epic Trust is unique in that insurance, financial planning, tax prep and business needs can be comprehensively addressed under one roof of expertise.

Though this adds value and advantage through synergistic oversight of clients’ businesses and personal assets, it has not been without challenge to accommodate management of all of these aspects in one portal.

The only option was to create a client interface tailor-made for Epic Trust’s unique business model, providing better real-time access and more visibility for client and agent alike in one central place.

The new system also facilitates the ability to more easily exchange documents securely, ask questions and communicate in general. This is especially important for clients across Washington, Arizona and Utah corresponding with Epic Trust’s Richland, Washington headquarters.

With more client experience-enhancing features on the horizon, the new system and top 5 Coterie distinction resonate with the spirit of reliability and service characteristic of Epic Trust.

“I’m known for figuring out complex insurance scenarios other agents can’t. Over the years I’ve discovered I have a niche for that. I get it done,” Tyson said.

“Being as young as we are with a small team, we’re making a huge impact.”

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