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Insuring your business not only matters for your company’s assets, but also to insulate you from personal risk in the event of loss or damage. We look at your business as a whole, whether you’re a large well-established company or a small business. Putting yourself out there in the business world can expose you to personal financial risk, property damage, theft, loss of income, and employee injury and illness. We do what we do, so you can continue what you do best.

We work with you to make sure you have the right type of coverage for your specific business functions. As business continues to take new forms, from commercial buildings all the way to home-based business, the needs to stay on top of what the industry offers is of the utmost importance. As an independent insurance broker, we’re able to analyze your accounts, look for potential gaps, then do competitive price shopping to get you the best rates possible for the most appropriate coverage.

Business insurance makes sure that your equipment and inventory are properly covered. We base your unique policy on many factors, such as your industry, business size, location, and size of employee base.

We offer business liability, auto/fleet/equipment/property coverage, and much more. For some of our clients, getting insurance certificates and proof of insurance in a timely manner can mean the difference of winning or losing a contract. Our sense of urgency in response times can also help you avoid getting forced placed insurance by your bank. We know how much work and resources you put into your business, and want to help you reach your goals. Owning your own business requires you to stay nimble and make savvy adjustments, we’re here to stay with you, answer your call, and adapt with you in your growth.

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