Your Financial Guide & Partner for Life

Your Financial Guide and Partner for Life

Epic Trust Financial Group

Your financial future is built on the actions you take today. Let Epic Trust be your guide and partner for all things related to money. Our mission is to empower you financially—to accomplish your goals, get organized, stay accountable to your dreams, and attain peace of mind whether you are a business owner, professional or employee. We provide you with the tools, resources and education to help get you there faster, smarter and more prudently.


Change is Here

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A Holistic Approach to Business & Financial Services

We offer everything your small, medium, or large-sized business needs from tax and accounting, to insurance, financial planning, and business services for topics like Benefits.

We offer comprehensive services for you, your family, and your business. We can help as much or as little as you need.

About Epic Trust Financial Group

Fiduciary advice in YOUR best interest.

Our team is experienced in multiple disciplines working together. Your custom financial plan can encompass taxes and tax planning, risk management/insurance strategy, your business (if you have one), your retirement plan, investments, and estate/wealth transfer solutions. We provide advice which is in your best interest, and as an independent firm, we have relationships with many financial institutions, enabling unbiased advice.

We care about people, not just numbers.

Don't wait to get started.

Most people have one area of their money that they need help with right now. Let’s start there and when the time is right – either now or in the future – we can introduce you to the rest of the team to get your whole financial life working smoothly together and on track.